Probat G Series G120 Coffee Roaster

Probat G Series G120 Coffee Roaster – The ideal diameter-length ratio of the roasting drum of the G roasters guarantees a homogeneous heat transfer onto the beans during the roasting process. In addition, the G roasters offer the following benefits:

  • Even mixing of the coffee beans inside the roasting drum
  • Roasting air volume can be adjusted due to the integration of a frequency converter into the roasting fan
  • Precise air flow thanks to the traditional flavor wheel
  • Intensive cooling
  • Powerful fans
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Independent drives for the drum and mixer, as well as for the roasting and cooling fan
  • Additional separate cooling sieve outlet
  • Easy to clean thanks to large maintenance openings
  • Reduced emissions thanks to additional cooling exhaust air cyclone

Shipping time if items are in stock: UAE: 3 working days | GCC: By air within 5 working days / by land within 10 working days (*subject to customs clearance). 

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