Pipettes & Tubes

Pipettes have multiple functions in a Kitchen or Bar, used either as serveware or as a tool to add a final flourish to a dish or a cocktail. Made from a non-toxic, transparent, low-density polythene (LDP), the acid-resistance of a Pipette make it very suitable for plating acidic sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes or marinades. As a serveware, Pipettes are used to serve liquids with concentrated flavours, where small quantities are required to round off the creative food or beverage. Test tubes are made of a hard glass known as Pyrex, which has a high resistance to sudden changes in temperature. This makes them great for serving food or drink ‘shooters’ such as hot soups, cryo-cooked food or very cold cocktails where the flavours have been intensified. Due to the nature of the glass, it can withstand a direct flame or sudden cooling such as being dunked in NO2 without breaking, making them suitable for finishing off at tableside for dramatic effect.

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