Champagne Glasses

There are two most common forms of Champagne Glasses are Champagne Flutes, Champagne Coupes and Champagne Tulip Glasses, all of which have slim stems that allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature. Champagne Flutes are tall, conical glasses with an inward taper to help retain a Champagne's signature carbonation by reducing the surface area of escape. More 'Fizz' creates a better texture when drinking and the long, deep Flute shape enhances the visual effect of the bubbles. This design also allows Champagne Flutes to be adapted to use with Sparkling Wines and certain types of Beers. Champagne Coupes are a shallow, slender bowl that allows the beverage to open up more, and captures more of the aroma of the drink, compared to the narrow flutes. Recently Champagne Tulip Glasses have been rapidly gaining in popularity, as the wider bowl and mouth collects more aromatics, while the tall, narrow shape retains the Fizz. Muddle Me's range of Champagne glasses come in classic and modern styles, that boast sophistication and class.

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