Commercial Coffee Roasters

Take your coffee making to another level by roasting your own coffee beans in-house and instantly add credibility and showmanship to your overall client offering. The Probat roasters available to order from Muddle Me are well thought through and have proven their reliability many a time. The unperforated, double-walled roasting drum is indispensable for optimum temperature control as, in combination with the energy-efficient external isolation, it minimizes heat dissipation to the surrounding environment. The cast iron front and cast iron outlet flap are particularly resistant to deformation and ensure consistent roasting conditions within the drum. The quality workmanship in and the exclusive use of premium components from big-name suppliers ensure maximum machine availability, reliable roasting operation and a long-term availability of wearing parts. These key specific features have not changed in decades. Rather, they are a logical consequence of the unique sense of quality.

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