Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

The PolyScience Culinary Evaporator package gives you unlimited possibilities in evaporation, distillation, concentration of flavors, and purification of liquids. The main components are a rotary evaporator, the PolyScience LM6 Mini-Chiller, and a vacuum aspirator pump. The vacuum aspirator pump enables evaporation at temperatures as low as 95°F/35°C. The included PolyScience LM6 Mini-chiller cools the condenser coil of the Heidolph VAP Advantage Rotary Evaporator to -10°C, maximizing condensation. It is possible to create two completely different products from one technique and a single ingredient. Obtain essential oils that can be used to infuse or intensify flavor without affecting texture or composition of your creation. While most chefs are familiar with regular distillation process, this technology adds another dimension: it works under reduced pressure, which lowers the boiling point to as low as 95°F/35°C. By remaining at such low temperatures, valuable flavor compounds are preserved and will add to complexity of the result.

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