Les Nouvelles Pailles

Step into an eco-responsible world with LES NOUVELLES PAILLES! Our ecological straws redefine your sipping experience on sunny terraces. Crafted from sugar cane, a renewable biomaterial, these straws are both revolutionary and environmentally friendly. Discover more about our composition in the dedicated section.

Free from toxic elements and old plastics like PLA, PHA, PVC, and PE, our straws bring joy to our soils and animals alike. They are 100% compostable at room temperature, effortlessly breaking down in home compost without any need for elevated temperatures or specific environments. Our glitter disintegrates completely, leaving no residue in just a few weeks, meeting the NF T 51 800 standard and ISO 14855-1 testing standards. Regular laboratory analyses ensure the maintenance of this characteristic. However, please refrain from leaving them in the wild, as our straws are certified Home Compostable.

But that's not all – our straws are also reusable! Withstanding up to 30 washing cycles in the dishwasher without any loss of functionality (tested according to the NF EN 12875-1 standard), they provide a sustainable option for your tasting moments.

In essence, LES NOUVELLES PAILLES brings you responsible straws, elevating your sipping experience while promoting environmental consciousness.

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